with Debbie Rosas, Co-Founder of the Nia Technique


Join Nia movement arts founder Debbie Rosas and take your movement and choreography skills to the next level. Students and teachers alike will benefit from this powerful movement, music, creative experience. All levels welcome! Nianow.com

“FAB Choreography is so much fun. Hawaii will be the fourth group to collaborate with me, creating choreography with music that will show up in a Nia routine. Just think, you’ll be listed as one of the choreographers on this 2015 routine. One of my favorite forms of collaboration, FAB brings together Nia teachers and students in a fun, amazing, movement, music, and magic experience that comes from creating choreography that delivers the Nia experience and promise”. – Debbie Rosas

What you can expect: 2 days of creative movement

What you’ll learn:

· The basic keys to unlocking movement creativity

· How to blend music and movement to deliver the Nia experience and promise

· The ins and outs of body-centered choreography

· The basic steps needed to create, decode and embody choreography

Saturday, Feb 7  @6:00 – 9:00 pm

Sunday, Feb 8  @9:00 am – 6:00 pm

COST $199 & $149 Hawaii White Belt Graduates 

Debbie Rosas, Co-Founder of the Nia Technique, will be on Oahu leading a week long Nia White Belt Training Jan 31- Feb 6 at the Still & Moving Center. She will hold daily public classes from Jan 31 – Feb 5.

debbiedance1-e1366308311858Debbie Rosas brings you the original flavor and inspiration of Nia, and ever-evolving movement form that blends dance, martial arts and healing arts, such as yoga and Feldenkrais. Nia is soft on the joints, warming up with smooth, usually slower movements, then working up to full cardio-aerobic exercise for participants who want to push their fitness envelope. The cool down offers opportunities to strengthen, stretch and balance. Debbie sends you out the door feeling regenerated, uplifted, ready to take on life with vim!

Credited with establishing the mind-body fitness category, she is a leading fitness innovator, teacher, author, choreographer, performer, healer and artist whose work greatly influences the lives of thousands of women and men worldwide.

Debbie has co-authored two books – “Non-Impact Aerobics” and “The Nia Technique.” She also collaborated with Carlos Aya Rosas to write the Holistic Fitness section of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Instructor Training Manual. Debbie has served on the Mind-Body Committee for the IDEA Health and Fitness Association, and has presented at numerous IDEA World and Inner IDEA fitness conventions.

She is particularly proud to have played a key role in developing programs at The Naturopathic School of Medicine, Shriners Hospital and Oregon Health and Sciences University. These programs continue to positively impact students, women, teens, and those diagnosed with arthritis and autism.

with Eva Geueke

Saturday, August 18

4:30 -8:00 pm


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Dare to Dance speaks to anyone who always wanted to dance and make their own dance. It also gives dancers who have never choreographed a space to make their first dance piece. Even if you cannot remember choreographed movement, Eva can help you to make a movement score for an improvised dance piece. Just bring you ideas and enthusiasm! This could change your life: Dare to Dance and grow above your fears and limitations to become present, alive, courageous, creative and expressive.

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with Eva Geueke

Friday, August 10

5:45 – 8:15 pm


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Dare to Dance speaks to anyone who always wanted to dance, make their own dance and, if desired, present it at a show in Still & Moving Center at the end of the series. It also gives dancers who have never choreographed a space to make their first dance piece. In the Dare to Dance workshop preceding the Dare to Dance series, we start with a nice movement warm up and proceed to dance improvisational structures to source material to exercise our choreography skills.

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Dare to Dance your own Choreography

A magic, empowering  Dance Performance Project 

With choreographer Eva Geueke

March & April, culminating in a performance

Have you ever dreamed to be on stage performing a dance piece you made yourself?  Have you ever wanted to be a dancer or an artist?  Maybe you have never thought about it, assuming that that was something you could never do…

Now it is 2012 the year of the dragon!  Maybe it is time to break through your fears and do something that you thought would not be possible. Maybe it is the time to empower yourself and do something out of the ordinary: be creative, be expressive, be bold!

Or you are a physical education teacher and want to learn more skills or a dancer who always wanted to have the space, time and supervision to make your dance piece. You can make a structured improvisational piece or a very structured choreographed piece.  You may even sing or talk or paint! All dance styles are welcomed!

In Dare to Dance You will get help and training to make it happen!

You learn:

  • to use the space called stage
  • to tap into your creative expression
  • to source movement material and make `dance phrases`
  • to successfully express what you want to `say` and show
  • to overcome your fears and stage fright

You gain:

  • Movement and Choreography skill
  • Self confidence, empowerment and presence
  • Awareness of yourself and others in space
  • Joy and Freedom of expression through your body
  • Fitness through dance training to be physically prepared to present
  • Plus the mysterious x that only you will determine – your transformation!


Each weekend meeting starts with one hour of physical training.  Then we proceed to work with different improvisational structures to learn basic skills. The closer we get to the performance, more time will be dedicated to sourcing your own material for your dance piece and getting you ready for perform it. If you want to choreograph a dance piece for someone else or if you would like to make a duet or trio, you can bring a second or third person for a reduced rate!

Accompanying Dare To Dance Weekly Classes:

The once a week 7-8.30pm Thursday night Dare to Dance class accompanies this workshop series for physical development and skill building.  In April this time becomes rehearsal time.

Workshop Dates

In March

Saturday 3rd   3-7pm

Saturday 10   3-7pm

Saturday 17   3-7pm

Saturday 24   4-7pm

Sunday    25   4:30-7pm

Saturday 31    3-7pm

In April

Thursday   5    6:45-8:45p

Saturday  7      3-7pm

Thursday 12    6:45-8:45pm

Friday      13     5-8pm

Saturday  14    3-5pm and  5.30-7:30pm

Tech Rehearsal & Rehearsal

Sunday     15    4pm rehearsal and set up

7pm Performance


This process is creative very empowering and full of magic yet we want to make it affordable. As this is the first of these Dare to Dance projects, we offer this one time deal. Instead of paying $800, we offer you a 40% discount. So you will get 40 hours of training, only $475. For students or people with low income we give another 10%. (If you bring a 2nd dancer or a 3rd dancer to dance your choreography, they will get 20% off.)

You may pay in 2 installments:  Feb 26 & March 24 (a $10 dollar booking fee will apply)

Eva Geueke practices the path of embodying the sacred through dance and conscious movement. She is fascinated by the mind-body connection and teaches to express effortless and joyous movement.

Her desire to heal her soul by finding a way to express herself creatively lead her to become a professional dancer (Rotterdam’s Dansacademie, Holland; Cunningham Studio, NYC, Trisha Brown Co, Stephen Petronio). She danced for Stephen Petronio and Frey Faust and others. Eva created work together with Frey Faust, Lisa Lani Schmidt, David Zambrano, K.Koegel and many others. In 1987 she completed her Professional Feldenkrais Training, which changed her understanding of Brain, Body, Movement and Dance forever.  She is a Choreographer who created evening length dance pieces and improvisational happenings often with the theme of raising consciousness about the sacredness of Mother Earth. Eva is a Qigong teacher of the Universal Tao teachings of Mantak Chia and Capoeirista (Brazilian Martial Arts). She also teaches Authentic Movement and WaveWorks a spin of Continuum Movement. Eva has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method® internationally for 20 years.

Prior to coming to Honolulu she was director and teacher of several fulltime dance programs for 7 years in Germany, teaching Modern Dance, Capoeira, Choreography and Contact Improvisation.  Eva loves to teach and share her knowledge and enthusiasm for conscious movement to people from all walks of life.

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