with Linda Awana

Nally Shoot KaelepuluHave fun while improving your focus, eye-hand coordination, balance and aim. Great training to improve concentration. Using intuitive aiming techniques, come to a better consciousness of your body as you mindfully work on perfecting your technical skill. Learn the mechanics of shooting, gain information about the equipment and enjoy Linda’s positive encouragement! Class will include target shooting, balance drills, moving archer skills as well as moving target practice.

Linda archery


With a life long passion to inspire and empower women towards a healthier (therefore happier) lifestyle, Linda Awana has successfully taught all levels of physical fitness, Kardio Kempo, Women’s Self Defense, archery and basic bouldering (rock climbing). She is a certified Brain Management Consultant in the Dahn Yoga ™ system, a black belt in Kajukenbo (Chinese Kempo), and a Dotong Gunja, (a leader in the Hong Ik Vision which means, for the benefit of all). In addition to teaching, she is currently an active practitioner in Korean power yoga, full body foam roll-out, kardio kempo, archery, bouldering, and just began enjoying Nia. She has a passion for the outdoors, which includes hiking, mountain biking, nature photography, fresh air, tranquil settings and sunrises. She loves to share these passions with others because it is renewing and restorative.  Linda is a USA Certified Level 1 Archery Coach.


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