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„We do not just do Movement – we are Movement“


WaveContinuum is an invitation to experience life as Movement. This spontaneous, organic dance is full of surprises and reaches far above the movement possibilities commonly known to us. We use the supple vibrations of sound and breath to open muscle tissue and joints. Through this softening we invoke rippling waves into our torso, pelvis and limbs. These oceanic undulations can be experienced as a kind of love. We become more resonant, open and capable of communion with all life. In the natural beauty of your movement, you can sense your organism finding itself.

Jungle Dance is part of WaveContinuum. Jungle Dance is a new approach to fitness. Instead of deadening the brain with too much repetitive exercise, Jungle Dance builds liquid strength and stimulates our creativity.

Eva Geueke

Eva is a dancer, certified Feldenkrais practitioner® and choreographer. She has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method®, Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, and WaveContinuum for over 30 years in Europe, the US and Brazil. Eva has developed out of her many years of studies with Emily Conrad, who is the founder of Continuum.


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