Contributed by Amber Bonnici

My son has been getting teased and bullied at school lately. Yesterday I got a call after he blew up and left class.

Part of me wants to make it better,
Find understanding.
Part of me wants to rip those kids’ heads off.

As women, anger is one of those emotions we’re meant to stuff.
Sadness is okay, but anger…
Angry women are perceived as bitchy.
And no one wants to be the bitch.

But I believe each emotion has a gift.
Anger lets you know when boundaries have been crossed.
Sadness when it’s time to reflect.
Shame when you need to make something right.
Fear when you want to feel safe.

So I’m using my anger, that Mama Bear Rising and setting up meetings with the administration, teachers, talking to my son, his counselor, and making stuff happen. I’m using it as fuel.

What fuel can you access right now?

Are you frustrated you haven’t completed what you wanted in 2017?
Are you jealous seeing someone else’s work?
Does your heart break seeing situations you know you can help make better?
Do you feel regret not having done what you said you wanted to do?

Don’t just feel it.
Do something about it.

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