Sarah herself began massaging her family at about age five, whenever they were sick or not feeling well in any other way. The healing power of touch fascinated her, and she had a natural will to share it with her loved ones. After extensive traveling, Sarah returns to Honolulu and Still & Moving Center ready to share her exquisite lomilomi massage practice, which she learned from the legendary kumu (master teacher) of lomilomi, Uncle Alva.

For three generations at least, massage has been a part of Sarah’s family’s everyday life. Her mother’s nanny in Iran massaged the children when they were ill or needing to sleep. Her mother also grew up with the tradition of going to Iranian bath houses where massage was offered for healing and health maintenance. Her mother gave Sarah and her sister massages almost nightly, especially when they were going through growing pains or other discomforts. 

Gifted in many fields, Sarah also grew up riding, grooming and training horses, with whom subtle touch is critical for communication. She communicates her artistic nature through dance, photography and  fine arts. Starting at age 12, she studied art under her grandfather, the well-known painter Snowden Hodges, eventually going on to study painting at the Florence Academy of Art in 2013. 

While studying in Italy, Sarah felt curiously out of balance. Drawn back by the healing powers of Hawaii, Sarah landed in Waimānalo under that healing hands of Alva Andrews, Kahuna Lomi Lomi. Her first session with Uncle Alva did wonders for Sarah’s own health and wellbeing, and also set her onto the path of practicing massage professionally. In exquisite natural timing, Kumu Alva was just about to start a new lomilomi training group. “He told me he was starting the new class series that evening and invited me to attend. I of course accepted, and after attending one class I knew I was beginning a lifelong journey in the healing arts.”  

Thrilled, Sarah attended every session of his training. Like his ancestors for the last 500 years, Alva Andrews believed that “the spirit of the individual must be healed; only then can permanent health be possible. Lokahi (Balance and Unity) of the mind, body, and soul is a must for total well-being.“ He remembered, as a kid, “when people would come over to the house, and his grandma and grandpa would make people feel better from their aches and pains. Starting with a pule (prayer), and then a good old fashion lomilomi, followed by a crack and a pop to align the posture, Alva learned at an early age the healing and spiritual effects of lomilomi.” 

As a grateful student of Uncle Alva’s Hawaiian lineage and her family’s Persian lineage, Sarah shares her gift of loving, healing touch with her clients, and we are proud and delighted to welcome her as one of our excellent bodywork therapists at Still & Moving Center.

You may already know Sarah, who started attending classes and workshops at Still & Moving the first year we opened, 2011. She played the lead role of Princess Sita to perfection in our Diwali play in 2016. We’re glad she’s back!



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