Contributed by Carmen Curtis, founder of AIReal Yoga

I get all my yoga teacher trainees to settle their minds by giving them colored pencils and mandala coloring books. They choose certain colors and start on the outside rim of the design, working their way inward. They feel so calm and focussed by the time they get to the center, they don’t want to stop coloring!

What might seem to be a mere child’s play has a lot more to it than you might think. The repetitive or creative process of coloring geometric shapes, or a beautiful design, paying close attention to each stroke, staying inside the lines – this simple and non-threatening task requires no expertise. It’s very easy to engage in. Next thing we know, we are finding some quality quiet time, soothing our thoughts, allowing our brain to enter a different wavelength.

Focusing our attention in the present moment – the pencil and paper in our hands now – benefits our mindfulness in daily dealings. For that time, it automatically unplugs us from technology, such as the phone or computer. It turns us inward when all the distractions of the world try to pull us outward, scattering our consciousness.

A wide variety of art therapies for adults implement coloring. The trials show that coloring as mindfulness meditation can help improve sleep, decrease anxiety, and promote positive life changes.

Try coloring before bedtime – you might sleep more soundly or dream more magical dreams!

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What makes AIReal Yoga™ different? AIReal Yoga™ is the first yoga brand and training curriculum recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Based in traditional Hatha Yoga, the design of our hammocks, hung on a single point anchored with a swivel, allows for flow, vinyasa, alignment, and revolved postures. Additionally, the single point allows for safe digressions and endless progressions of these postures, making AIReal Yoga™ accessible to everyone.


About Carmen Curtis, AIREAL Yoga Co-Founder and the Premier Expert in Aerial Arts and Fitness: A zealous practitioner for more than two decades, Carmen first found yoga as a way to heal her body from the extreme sports of gymnastics and Cirque performing, and has been teaching it ever since. A former UCLA national champion team gymnast and premier aerial performer, Carmen has performed in many incredible shows including De La Guarda, worked for such high-profile outlets as Cirque Du Soleil, MTV, and the Olympics, and collaborated with the research and development team for Le Reve, in which she also performed at the Wynn hotel. As well, several celebrities are often among the thousands of people Carmen touches with her craft, most recently training Beyoncé and her dancers for the superstar’s current Formation World Tour. Other well-known students of Carmen’s include such incredible talents as Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Edyta Sliwnke, a professional dancer often appearing on the hit television series Dancing With The Stars. While Carmen’s teaching style is distinctly her own, her yoga journey was most notably influenced by her intensive studies with Shiva Rae, Gurmukh, and Jonny Kest.
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