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Hanging Out: Aerial Yoga

Working with gravity instead of fighting it

By Fernando Pacheco

Article artI had just returned from a Mainland tour with my band, which means I’d been sleeping on floors and couches for two weeks. Being curled up in a van for hours on end used to be fine when I was in my 20s. But now I’m in my mid-30s and the body aches don’t go away as easily. So less than 24 hours after landing on O‘ahu, I visited the Still & Moving Center in Honolulu to realign my body with aerial yoga.

What’s aerial yoga? Imagine doing yoga in a silk hammock. Instead of stretching the hammock between two trees, the ends are bunched together at one anchor point, like a silk cocoon.

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Going Vertical with Aerial Yoga

As the body ages, certain physical activities become a bit more difficult due to the ongoing battle against gravity. Fortunately, new techniques are emerging to relieve the stress on joints experienced during traditional floor workouts. Thanks to the use of silk hammocks, aerial yoga joins the ranks of these newly modified exercises.

Being808 headed down to Still & Moving Center in Honolulu to meet some of the new aerial yoga instructors who are being trained. Instructors Wendi Lynch and Katie Fisher graciously climbed down from their hammocks to talk about the new twist on yoga.

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