Vivian Best

Feldenkrais Private Sessions

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One-on-one Feldenkrais® sessions are known as Functional Integration® (FI®) lessons. In Functional Integration, the Feldenkrais practitioner guides the individual student in movement lessons using gentle, non-invasive touch as the primary means of communication. The practitioner uses specific skilled manipulation and passive movement to help increased body awareness with improved of habits of moving are achieved through the. Functional Integration is painless, effective and widely recognized for its ability to successfully address serious muscular-skeletal and neurological problems.     

Functional Integration® (FI®) lessons can help:                                                                                                                 

  • Heal old and new injuries faster
  • Address neurological problems successfully
  • Rid yourself of back & neck pain
  • TMJ, arthritis, ringing in the ears
  • Prevent overuse or wrong use to prevent and recover from injuries
  • Grow and mature in unforeseen ways

Therapists: Eva Geueke, Vivian Best

60 min/$115; 75 min/$135; 90 min/$150


Feldenkrais Functional Integration

Vivian is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner  CM.  The Feldenkrais Method has given her relief from pain, and has helped her to empower others to take better care of themselves.  She teaches self-aware self-care, and her compassionate guidance has helped instill a sense of pleasure in movement, and bring vitality and ease to her clients.Vivian has explored many movement traditions from yoga and ballet, to West African, modern, and flamenco, but her passion is for partnered dancing.  She has been an avid swing and blues dancer since 1999, is an instructor for the Hawaii Jitterbugs and blues workshop organizer.  She was a gifted educator at Kahala Elementary and also tutors and teaches classes for children and adults in creative arts, ecoliteracy, and lindyhop.  Her interests in movement, teaching, and helping others brought her to study the Feldenkrais Method.  Recognized by Honolulu Magazine as one of “6 People Making a Difference in Honolulu” in November 2013, by Pacific Business News as one of Hawai’i’s “40 Under 40,” and the Honolulu Star Advertiser as one of “10 Who Made a Difference” in 2010 for her work in the community, Vivian loves sharing about the Feldenkrais Method and believes it can inspire positive change, building awareness and hope for inspired action!

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