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Our Mission

The mission of the Still & Moving Center is to provide a sacred space for moving meditation. Here we celebrate the dance of life! This is a place for seeking one’s center, for finding the serenity of stillness in the midst of motion. The Center counts on each individual to self-initiate, self-guide and self-heal. Teachers and students of all disciplines cultivate their ability to hold a point of focus during their practices, with the intent to carry the awareness they gain at the Center into the rest of their lives. All of the Center’s activities aim at expanding awareness of Self in body, mind, heart and Spirit. The quest of each activity is for the participant to become so present, so mindful of sensations, thoughts and emotions that the question may naturally arise, “Who or what is having this experience?”

The Still & Moving Center is a place for teachers from diverse movement practices to follow their sacred livelihood, earning food for the body as well as nourishment for the soul. The Center seeks to make itself available to all, regardless of economic status or age. The Center promotes stepping into one’s greatness and sharing it with others. It is a place for awakening to abundant Joy – individually, in family and in community. Here friendship, collaboration and laughter are cherished. Here we make choices to sustain the Earth and its creatures. It is a healing place, a haven for renewal. Anyone who engages in the Still & Moving Center’s offerings should walk out feeling even better, in every sense, than they did when they entered.

This dance is the joy of existence.
– Rumi

Our Philosophy

Stillness is as much a part of Dancing Through Life as movement; they are each equal elements of the dance of life.
– Debbie Rosas Stewart, Nia Co-Founder

At the heart of every mindful move is stillness. Stillness is stale if it does not inspire potent movement. All of the practices offered by the Still & Moving Center gather under the umbrella of “moving meditation”. Still & Moving Center offers expert instruction in each subject area with a focus and intent to every class. That means the teacher and students know what it is they hope to get out of each class.

The Center advocates proactive responsibility for individual holistic fitness within the moving art forms. We encourage Individuals to maximize their body’s unique fitness potential while cultivating a healthy mind, heart and spirit connection in a caring, conducive environment.

We welcome and encourage whole families to attend by offering concurrent adult and children’s classes. We offer Mommy/Daddy-and-Me classes for the youngest family members. Some of our movement classes are offered in a ‘gentle’ format especially adapted for bodies that need special TLC.

At the Still & Moving Center, we choose to live lightly upon the earth, making healthy, sustainable choices in the materials and products we use, minimizing energy and waste and recycling whenever possible.

No one should lack access to our classes because of income level. Ask about our Work Trade program if you are interested. If you love the class you just took, consider making a contribution to the scholarship jar for a child or senior who otherwise might not be able to afford the class. Contribute clean, gently-worn exercise clothes to the Wear-Me-Again basket.

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