A Word from the Director about the Still & Moving Center Almanac

It’s everything you got in the past almanacs…. PLUS! Lots of extra room and tips for journaling. This is a book that is begging to be written in!

Your gratitude for the day, your Hope Goals, your plans to “move your body”, your Aha! Realization… there’s space for all of it!

As always, you get an uplifting quote to start every day. People in countries around the world are looking at these pages with us, so you can join a collective consciousness of beneficent thought. And every day’s quote follows a theme for the week.

You can use either the quote of the day or the theme of the week as a ‘still point’ of focus for meditation, perhaps like the sounding of a clear bell. “When I keep the week’s theme humming in the background of my mind, it helps me put to everything that happens that week into perspective,” says the Almanac’s editor, Renée Tillotson.

Almanacs were originally designed to help us keep pace with our physical universe, providing sunrise and sunset times, equinoxes and solstices, etc. Ours does that! You’ll see exactly when the next full moon happens, for example.

Our almanac also helps you to keep pace in a multicultural world, with holidays celebrated by each of the major traditions, and significant events and people from global history. What’s the Dalai Lama’s birthday? When did women first get to vote? Who wrote Frankenstein? When is Chinese New Year 2020?

Last word from Renée: “I’m sending out dozens of Almanacs as gifts to family and friends this year!”

Almanac Mailing, at Your Service!

Need an almanac shipped to you or to a loved one?  

We have three purchase prices for an almanac:

  • 1 Almanac picked up at Still & Moving Center: $18 + tax 
  • 1 Almanac with Domestic mailing in USA: $25 + tax
  • 1 Almanac with International mailing outside USA: $45 + tax
Order online

Sending multiple copies to one location, Domestic or International, will require an email with your address and your phone number.  We can calculate shipping costs and have a phone call with your to get  your credit card information. 

Please email: info@stillandmovingcenter.com

We apologize that our sales system cannot accept larger orders online, yet we will do our very best to get your almanacs to you!!!!


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