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Still & Moving Center provides an exceptional space for a wide variety of special events including workshops, lectures and celebrations. Our smiling, helpful, knowledgeable staff is there for your support. Boutique-E provides your guests with delightful items such as insightful books, cards, hand-crafted local jewelry, essential oils, fashion-forward yoga and dance wear, healthy snacks and beverages. Some workshops and seminars might be better attended if sponsored by Still & Moving, with use of our contact list, website and advertising.

Additional fees are required for equipment rentals and audio-visual services. To start planning your event, please fill out the form below. We will check availability and respond to you with additional details.

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Barefoot Ballroom with Ohana Hall

The Barefoot Ballroom has a 1500 SF mango wood sprung dance floor, AC, fans, 50′ mirrored wall with curtains, bronze Shiva Nataraj (dancing Shiva) statue on one dramatic wall, 4 speaker sound system in acoustically balanced room, adjustable lighting plus lightwells. Great movement space for dances, large size classes, workshops, parties, martial arts, Nia, yoga, performances or film screenings. Welcomes large, international trainings, one week to one month in length. Works well for photo sessions.


shiva wall

Ohana Hall is a 400 SF cork floor open space adjacent to Barefoot Ballroom, available as additional floor space or audience space for the Barefoot Ballroom. A/C. Large window provides plenty of daylight. Great for cafe-style seating during dances, eating area during parties, vegetarian potlucks, etc. Cubbies available for guests’ belongings.

Note: this space is vegetarian and alcohol-free.

The combined space of the Barefoot Ballroom and Ohana Hall easily holds 150 people.

Add-ons include:

  • drop-down movie screen from ceiling & LCD projector, DVD player, speakers
  • folding tables & chairs
  • up to 10 folding tumbling/aikido mats
  • 20 anchor points on the ceiling for aerial silks. Aerial yoga in this room is one of our fantastic activities for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, team building events, etc.

See our Moving Moments division for party planning, DJ’s and movement instructors: aerial, dance, yoga, hula, Nia, etc. A restroom and the Sun & Moon room on same floor. Showers, kitchenette and more restrooms available downstairs.

Barefoot Ballroom with Ohana Hall Rental Rates

Prime Time $75
Non Prime Time $55

Dance Dojo

780 SF mango wood sprung dance floor, ballet barres on two walls, 35’ mirrored wall, sound system, adjustable lighting, A/C. Large, beautiful wooden Buddha sculpture on wall. Excellent for any movement class: ballet barre, yoga, pilates, dance, martial arts, tumbling, etc. Works well for parties and networking up to 25-35 people, seminars, workshops, personal training. Showers are located just outside the room. Kitchenette is conveniently close, so the Dance Dojo is a good space for cooking classes (vegetarian and alcohol-free).




Add ons include:

  • tumble/martial arts mats for entire floor
  • exercise balls
  • foam rollers
  • electric heater
  • LCD projector & stand-up movie screen
  • personal training equipment: weights, balls, Bosu, etc
  • 30″ television/monitor
  • folding tables & chairs
  • yoga mats, bolsters, blankets, blocks, cushions
  • cooking utensils

Dance Dojo Rental Rates

Prime Time $55
Non Prime Time $45

Sun and Moon Room

325 SF mango wood sprung dance floor, A/C and fans, speakers with plug-in for ipod/laptop. This is upstairs space with a window to natural light for more intimate classes or private/semi-private lessons; Speakers for ipod or laptop. Adjustable lighting. The golden walls, hand-crafted copper artwork from the world’s great traditions and wall-mounted water fountain suggest meditation and yoga. Can be used for private sessions, dance lessons, small groups, photo sessions, seminars and workshops.

Add-ons include:

  • yoga mats, bolsters, blankets, blocks, cushions
  • electric heater
  • LCD projector & stand-up movie screen
  • 30″ television/monitor
  • folding tables & chairs
  • massage table
  • Feldenkrais table
  • exercise balls
  • foam rollers
  • personal training apparatus, such as weights, bands, Bosu, etc.

Sun and Moon Room Rental Rates

Prime Time $30
Non Prime Time $25

Creativity Unbound

325 SF Room with A/C, cork floor, 12′ of mirrored wall. Originally created for children’s classes, this room is one of the most versatile spaces we have. With the large mirrored wall, and an indoor window for easy viewing from the lobby, the room is a safe, cheerful space for even the smallest children, with parents either inside or outside the room. Can be used for singing, crafts, music, dance – it’s Creativity Unbound!

With 3 anchor points on the high ceiling for aerial silks, this training spot is a perfect spot to practice or teach aerial dance, aerial yoga or aerial conditioning. Can also serve as personal training space with various apparatus available. Showers are nearby.

Alternatively, by curtaining the mirrors and indoor window, optionally using the 2 folding screens, warming oven and light dimmers, the room transforms into healing, therapeutic space for private and small group work.

Add-ons include:

  • 3 aerial silks
  • Feldenkrais table
  • Earthlite deluxe massage table linens
  • massage creams & oils
  • robe for client
  • folding table, chairs
  • 30″ television/monitor
  • personal training apparatus, such as weights, bands, Bosu, etc.

Creativity Unbound Rental Rates

Prime Time $25
Non Prime Time $20

Malu Healing Room

130 SF, A/C, cork floor for standing comfort and sound softening, Earthlite stationary massage table, ashiatsu bars on ceiling, dimming lights. Includes sink with hot and cold water, warming oven for towels and hot stones. Includes both a stationary and a rolling massage stool, with folding chairs available. Men and women’s showers are a few steps away. The Healing Room is graciously appointed in muted tones with gentle artwork and a lauhala matted wall. This is a welcoming space for one-on-one work with a healing professional, life coach, therapist, counsellor or healthy lifestyle consultant.

Add-ons include:

  • linens
  • massage creams & oils
  • robe for client
  • Feldenkrais table

Malu Healing Room Rental Rates

Prime Time $20
Non Prime Time $20

For all day events and/or recurring rentals, please contact us for a quote.


Add-on equipment, apparatus and furniture is available.
Cleaning Fee is added to your total.
Administrative fee will be waived if all participants register online in advance here.

The Center requires a down payment of 50% to secure the rental.
A damage deposit of $100 will be charged at signing and refunded after inspection of the room following the event.
Photos or video taken during the event are permitted, with the condition that Still & Moving Center will be credited when photos are posted on the web/internet, and social media sites, such as Facebook and/or Instagram etc.
You are asked to leave the room in the condition you found it, clearing any trash, cleaning mirrors and sweeping/mopping the floor as needed.
This includes weekday evenings after 5:30pm and all weekend.
Still & Moving Center is a vegetarian & alcohol free facility.
Renter may incur extra costs if rental is outside of regular business hours.
Deposit is fully refundable if the Center is given one month notice prior to event. Deposit is non-refundable if notice is given less than 1 month prior to event.
No change fee if Center is given minimum one month’s notice. Change fee of half of the deposit will be incurred if the Center is advised 2 to 4 weeks prior to the event. Deposit is forfeit if change is requested within 2 weeks of the event.
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