Meditation and Culture at Still & Moving Center

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Move your body. Still your mind. Find center. Find Joy!

A Note from the Director, Renee Tillotson:

Imagine your life with more inner calm, more mental clarity. Imagine the stress levels subsiding. Imagine that tendency to flash into anger simply melting.

We’re not talking about getting to Heaven or Enlightenment here. We’re talking about a way of living that you can take steps towards every single day. Baby steps are fine. No huge life overhaul, no move to another place, changing your job, changing your partner, or going back to school is necessary. We talking about adding mindfulness to your life. Moments of mindfulness.

What do I mean by mindfulness? Mindfulness entails being fully present. Here. Now.

In a mindful moment, I’m fully engaged in exactly what I’m doing. I’m aware of what my body is doing, and my mind is engaged in the same experience. If my emotions enter the picture, I can watch them pass through without them taking control of my experience – they just become part of the background scenery.

We’ve all heard that meditation is good for us. And it is a key mindfulness practice. Yet how many us spend the self-discipline or patience or time to sit silently on a cushion, seeming to do nothing?

For me, moving meditation is part of my medicine, my ticket to a ride on the healthy life train. For me, focussing is more effortless when I’m in motion. I compare it riding a bike: easier to balance when it’s traveling along.

Yoga has long be recognized as forms of moving meditation, a precursor to the deeper practice of sitting meditation. Aerial Yoga is a new incarnation of mindful moving.

From personal experience, I can tell you this:  Mindfulness can be as close as a breath away.

Both still and moving meditation practices have a home at our Center. We nourish the mind with inspirational thoughts, chanting and sacred music. Current offerings include: Qigong meditation, Women’s Monthly Gatherings, Oli (Hawaiian chanting) and Potluck & Satsang on Sundays. Please see our Hawaiian Culture page for info about Hula and other Hawaiian Cultural Activities. 

Individual meditation is enriched by bathing the mind it nourishing thought. For that purpose, the Still & Moving Center Almanac provides inspirational themes and quotes from people of all times, places and walks of life – jewels of insight that inform many of the activities at Still & Moving Center. Satsang on Sundays from 12:15 to 1:15  is an opportunity for people to gather to discuss ideas, with different individuals offering to kick-off the conversation, using the Almanac’s theme and quotes for the week as a starting point.

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