Classes at Still & Moving Center

Our many classes at Still & Moving Center are highly diverse and come from many cultural traditions. What do they all have in common? Our classes at Still & Moving Center expect and train students to be present, be aware, be in the moment. All of our classes can be taken as meditative practices. Some of our classes engage in still meditation. Most of our classes practice moving meditation. Still & Moving Center is a joyous place for moving meditation!

Our movement classes encourage students to connect mind and body. We expect our students to be independent, self-directed learners who want to do more than mindlessly follow the leader. From keiki to kupuna, kids to seniors, our students are engaged in their own learning process. No one at Still & Moving will be disconnecting body and mind by reading a book and listening to headphones while plodding away on a treadmill – that would be the antithesis of a mind-body practice. We ask students to listen to their own bodies as they move and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that every movement is safe and healthy. When mind and body are purposefully engaged, our spirit can shine through.

Our classes honor a multiplicity of cultures: Hawaii, India, Japan, China, Brazil, and many more. Some traditions have cultivated meditation through sitting practices, some through yoga, some through the martial arts, some through dance, some through music, some through chanting, some through fine arts and handcrafts. Still & Moving Center continually seeks new classes that will explore meditation either in stillness or in motion. We hold to the position that each of the world’s traditions has something to offer along these lines. By exposing ourselves to the rich variety of global offerings, we become more well-rounded human beings. As we gain awareness, presence in the moment, we realize that we are all body-mind-spirit beings.

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