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Welcome to Still & Moving Center

1024 Queen St, Honolulu, HI 96814

Move your body. Still your mind. Find Center. Find Joy!  Still & Moving Center welcomes you, no matter your age or fitness level. We offer mind-body movement classes and workshops in a beautiful, fully equipped, 6,000 square foot, two-story facility in the Kakaako area of downtown Honolulu. We are also an international training facility.  Our other offerings include massage, a boutique, gorgeous rental rooms and performance space, and “Moving Moments” for parties and corporate events.

Barefoot Ballroom

1,600 SF mango wood sprung dance floor, full wall mirrors, sound system, over 20 aerial hooking points on the ceiling, an LCD projector with drop-down movie screen and beautiful art on the walls.  Used for classes, workshops, parties or performances. It has space for 100+ yoga mats. We have 60 folding metal chairs and many cushions available for seating.

Ohana Hall

500 SF open upstairs space adjacent to Barefoot Ballroom and Sun And Moon Room, available as audience space, often empty, occasionally used for Satsang gatherings, potlucks, etc.

Ohana Hall with cork floor adjacent to Barefoot Ballrom with mango wood floor

Sun and Moon Room

342 SF upstairs space with a window to natural light for more intimate classes or private/semi-private lessons; mango wood sprung dance floor, full wall mirrors and sound system.

The golden walls and artwork from the world’s great traditions suggest meditation and yoga.

Sun & Moon Room from outside

Sun & Moon Room on the inside

Dance Dojo

888 SF space with mango wood sprung dance floor good for dance, yoga, pilates, etc, full wall mirrors, sound system, floor matting available for entire floor (with closet storage) for martial arts/yoga/tumbling; ballet barre, overhead racks for exercise balls etc.


Healing Room

The Healing Room is a space for one-on-one work with a healing professional.  Current offerings include: massage, lomilomi, Feldenkrais, Thai yoga massage therapy, personal training, life coaching, nutrition counseling, and more.



The E in Boutique-E stands for Exercise – Environment – Enlightenment.  Find stylish, comfortable dance and yoga clothes, yoga mats, steel water bottles, cork yoga blocks, meditation cushions, uplifting books for both adults and children, healthy beverages and snacks.

Gathering Place

Enjoy comfy seating while you sip organic tea, nibble on a locally-made cookie, and talk story with an old buddy or philosophize with a new pal in the Gathering Place.  Inspire yourself with a new book from Boutique-E or browse a magazine from the Gathering Place’s coffee table.


Changing rooms with showers provide a convenient place to prepare for your next event after class.  An ADA toilet and shower are available. Parking can be found in front of the building, on the street and at nearby parking lots.

Our Offerings


Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner of any still or moving art form, you are welcome at Still & Moving Center.  Here Martial Arts, Healing Arts and Dance Arts classes and workshops are taught by the island’s finest and most respected teachers.

Join us for our daily classes:  Nia, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Hula, Feldenkrais, Pilates, Dance, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Dance & Aerial Conditioning and Meditation, Groove Dance and Belly Dance, and many others. Children’s movement classes are available, too!

Drop-in anytime. Not sure which Movement Form is right for you?  Come talk to us. With the studio’s rich offerings of different movement classes, you can experiment with various class times, teachers and movement forms all in one space.

Private Sessions

Personalized, one-on-one or small-group classes may be arranged for with any of our skilled teachers.  Hula, Aerial and Yoga are popular choices for private sessions.

Trainings and Workshops

Still & Moving Center serves as a pulsing heart in the middle of the Pacific for international mind/body teacher trainings and movement workshops. Trainers, teachers and students converge here from all* the continents of the globe.  We call in world-class experts to teach and train in the healing arts, dance arts and mindful martial arts, and we send out individuals prepared to practice and teach those arts themselves.

*6 continents so far; we have yet to host an Antarctic visitor!

Performances and Gatherings

The Barefoot Ballroom offers a sound and light system that can be adapted for performances. We have LCD projectors and movie screens. Ohana Hall can serve as audience space for the Barefoot Ballroom in the case of performances.  Independently, Ohana Hall can accommodate gatherings and is the place for meetings of community, including Satsangs.


Free! Every Sunday at 12 noon. Nourish you soul! Join us to share your reflections on life. This thought-provoking exchange considers the relevance to our daily lives of topics from the Still & Moving Center Almanac. 

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