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Intro Class: 36 Longevity Series Chang Quan

April 7, 2014 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


with Sentwali Copeland

Saturday, April 5 &12
11:00 am
Monday, April 7 &14
6:30 pm
The Thirty Six Longevity Movements are designed to open up heaven, human, and earth. In simpler terms, they open up the top of your body, the middle of your body and your lower body….and in even simpler terms they keep the qi (energy or prana), from stagnating in any one place in the body. From cooking, working at the computer, dancing, to rock climbing; mastering these movements tends to positively influence all activities in your life.
Attendance at this introductory class will be used to schedule an ongoing class. If you might be interested in this class going onto our regular schedule, be sure to “vote” by ATTENDING at the time of your choice.

The first seven of these eighteen longevity movements have been covered in our very successful workshop, “Balancing Your Meridians with Movement and Massage” at Still & Moving Center. They will be reviewed again in this introduction.

Although these movements promote longevity and reverse ageing, the movements are not mystical. They simply promote healthy qi and blood flow through all of the meridians in the body. The idea is that stagnation is the beginning of disease and ageing. The miracle in the movements is actually the result of correctly practicing these movements daily. When qi and blood flow uninhibited through Heaven, Human, and Earth, healing ensues and aging reverses to a certain extent for most people.

“I declare to you that within this body lies the origin and ending of the whole universe,” -The Buddha

Sentwali Copeland, after 15 years of dedicated study began teaching an internal form of Chang Quan, also known as Northern Style Shaolin Long Fist and combat applications of Muay Thai for self defense. The main focus of his Chang Quan training was centered on breath, nutrition for the martial artist, acupuncture, healing, and practical armed and unarmed combat. He teaches a combination of these modalities with an emphasis first on inner health and balance as it was passed on to him. In addition to his focus on martial arts, Sentwali is also a student in graduate studies of Classical Chinese Medicine. He is a firm believer in the lesson which reads, “Health is the best gain; contentment is the best wealth.”- The Buddha





April 7, 2014
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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