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Easy Breathing with Tension Relief for Neck & Back: Feldenkrais©/SmartMoves Workshop – LIVE ONLINE, INTERACTIVE with Eva Geueke 

June 6, 2020 @ 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Saturday, June 6, 2020  

3:30 – 6:00 PM (HST)


Golden Circle Membership: 20% discount for a single workshop

$79  for Easy Breathing weekend

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Learn to breathe well, and you’ll lose that pain in your neck… Wait, what?!?

Surprisingly, learning to move the diaphragm and ribcage can unlock neck tension, scoliosis and immobility in the spine! Proper breathing provides huge benefits, including mental health and disease resistance! Oxygen is our primary source of energy, our lifeline, even before water and food: breathe well and everything changes. 

In this workshop you get acquainted with your biggest muscle, the diaphragm. Once you learn to ‘drive’ this ‘motor’ in the center of your body, you move everything connected to it with greater ease. The diaphragm and the musculature between the ribs learn to work together. The diaphragm pulls equally, releasing unwanted curvatures in the spine. Your ribcage frees up and softens, and your spine elongates. The breath benefit travels up through your thoracic spine into your neck!  Who knew?

While you may take this workshop by itself, you will find that Sunday’s back-rolling workshop will reinforce the mobility and ease of breathing that you gain on Saturday.


Eva Alewa Geueke

Eva has been a guild certified Feldenkrais® practitioner for almost 30 years. She came to the Feldenkrais Method® as a young professional dancer and it changed her understanding of brain, body, movement and therefore, herself forever.

Since completing the 4-year Professional Feldenkrais Training in 1987 she has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method® internationally in thousands of private sessions, week long seminars, many hundreds of week-end workshops and evening classes.

Eva is also a teacher of Contemporary Dance, Qigong-Universal Tao of Mantak Chia, a IAO healer, a Capoeirista (Brazilian Martial Arts) and a choreographer. She also teaches Authentic Movement and Wave Continuum, a spin of Continuum Movement.


I have taken 2 workshops with Eva and she is a wonderful instructor/therapist. These classes are very informative and have helped me tremendously in my knowledge of body mechanics and movement and making healing connections in my body. – Ruth

I loved Eva’s Feldenkrais class! My shoulder felt stiff and sore for almost a month. With just a few simple and gentle movements it was feeling so much better! My spine was stretched out and my feet were more evenly holding my body weight. I plan to take more classes in near future.  Thank you Eva. You are Excellent!!! – Diane

I like the variety of classes offered, and the Center’s focus on the mind-body-spirit connection. I particularly enjoy Eva Geueke’s Feldenkrais classes. The facilities are beautiful, and everyone is so warm and welcoming to students and guests. – John

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