Flow into Restorative Yoga with Ikaika Regidor

Tuesdays 7-8:15pm

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This class is for de-stressing and re-balancing our energy. This combined yoga practice renews us and readies us for the week ahead. A brief flow sequence stretches us out and settles down the system for a deeply restorative session. Our restorative yoga uses a variety of postures supported with props, such as chairs, bolsters, blankets and straps to experience a deep body relaxation. We move our spine in all directions, alternately stimulating and soothing our organ systems. We reverse the effects of gravity, returning the fluids to our upper body and enhancing heart function. Reducing muscle tension and fatigue, as well as improving digestion, we provide a supportive environment to relax the body. We end with a guided meditation to still the mind.

Ikaika Regidor

In Ikaika’s classes you can expect clear, calm cueing, anatomical and thematic sequences, short inspirational thoughts, hands-on assists if you’d like them, and music to enhance the experience.

As a dynamic yoga teacher inspired by life’s happenings, Ikaika teaches his students in creative and innovative ways. He shares ways that events in daily life can instruct us – such as last year’s volcanic eruptions on the island of Hawaii teaching us that change can bring new growth. His readings become dharma snippets and his creative movements become class sequences. 

Originally from O’ahu, Ikaika completed both his 200-hour teacher training and his 300-hour advanced teacher training at Sacred Sounds Yoga in New York City’s Greenwich Village. Ikaika is also certified in prenatal yoga, yoga4cancer. 

When not teaching, Ikaika has spent the last ten years doing community organizing and program management to engender a larger sense of our shared humanity.


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