Healthy Life Tip: Let’s honor World Laughter Day: May 5th, and every day!

Let’s chuckle and wag our heads in amazement whenever we find ourselves in a ridiculous circumstance, especially one that ^could^ annoy us if we let it.

Let’s joke if we find ourselves tense, embarrassed or scared, shedding our fear like a dog shaking off water.

Let’s read the comics, watch a silly video, go to a truly funny film, attend a laughter yoga class in person or online, listen to a kind rather than caustic comedian, and spend time frequently with friends who truly know how to have fun!

Let’s count to ten – hopefully in another language – whenever we’re tempted to erupt angrily, and see whether by the time we pass ”nine” we can find something humorous about what’s happening.

Like Abraham Lincoln, let’s learn to tell an amusing story to relieve the tension of the moment and set folks at ease. Please see here.

Let’s exercise our smile muscles regularly, allow the occasional giggle, and let out a few ha-ha-ha’s and ho-ho-ho’s just for the heck of it. Motivation follows action.

Let’s crack ourselves up for no reason whatsoever!

And let’s laugh, freely, fearlessly and down to our bellies, whenever the humor of a situation strikes us, ESPECIALLY if the joke is on us!

A laugh a day – especially at ourselves – keeps the blues away.


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