Stability Ball with Sridevi Fournier

Thursdays, 10:45 am

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Strengthen and lengthen your spine and limbs around the ball. Tone your core as you balance, activating your stabilizer muscles. Even your arms can get a workout. Enjoy the yawning stretch of draping yourself over the ball!  

This fun, playful class is for everybody with any body. Your teacher gives options to modify the moves. Take it easy or challenge yourself!

Sridevi Fournier

The breadth of Sridevi Fournier’s  expertise may surprise you, as you find her teaching everything from fitness to aerial, yoga to dance. She guides you in classes both on the ground and in the air! She inspires in her students a love for moving the body, and she teaches how to move in healthy, anatomically beneficial ways in each discipline.

“No man, no machine, can correct or create vitality, power, or health for you. Everything comes from within, you have to unfold it.” – Joseph Pilates

Born and raised on O’ahu, Sridevi began taking Iyengar yoga at the Silent Dance Center at the age of 12. She joined a Tahitian dance company, danced at school and played numerous sports. Her father, trained in India, taught her pranayama, meditation and Sanskrit.

Sridevi LOVES to dance, and holds a BFA in Dance from Loyola Marymount University. Starting out with a performance focus, it wasn’t until several injuries kept her from dancing at University that she began to take her BodyMindSpirit health seriously. She eventually grew to love the anatomy, kinesiology, and the science behind movement that leads to wellness for the whole person.

A massage training course earned her respect for the intricacies and depth of a BodyMindSpirit approach to learning. In the summer of 2010, she received her Pilates teacher certification through the BASI Pilates training program with an emphasis in Pilates for dancers.

A few years later, she took her Yoga teacher training in Kerala, India, where she lived and studied. While in India, she also took trainings in a classical Indian dance style known as Odissi dance, as well as in children’s yoga.

In 2012 Sridevi fell in love with the circus, silks, rope, trapeze, etc.. Studying aerial helped her confront her fear of heights and gave her new awareness and strength in her upper body. She taught at Suspended Motion studio in San Luis Obispo, CA before returning to O’ahu.

As a true teacher, Sridevi is also a devoted student, continuing to take workshops and other certifications as time and money allow, delving deeper into BodyMindSpirit learning. That is why she loves teaching and taking classes at the Still and Moving Center!

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