Kobang Meditation with Master Jonah Chin

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Mondays 8-8:45 pm.  Starting Feb 15.


Sitting meditation – some of the time in silence and some of the time lifting our voices together – enables us to gradually clear the chattering mind and calm the nervous system. By circulating the sounds of “Om mani padme hum” through our system, we massage our internal organs with the vibration of our voices.


Master Jonah Chin

Master Chin’s martial arts training goes back over 40 years, having started when he was 5 years old. He has since disciplined himself in one of Korea’s oldest Daoist medicinal lineages for over 25 years. HIs practices include traditional qigong, iaido, kendo and acupuncture. Even his seemingly martial practices ultimately bear the stamp of his dedication to healing and actually self-evolving into a higher level of awareness and wholeness.

“Master” is the closest English translation of a traditional Korean title that means both “teacher” and “exemplar”: one who exemplifies in his life what it is that he teaches.

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