AIRreal Yoga with Chris Jackson


Fridays 7-8 pm (Starts February 15) & Sundays 11:45 am.

An aerial yoga program credentialed through the Yoga Alliance. AIReal Yoga™ uses a looped fabric, that swivels freely on a single point taking you to a higher level. It allows you to deepen your stretch, correct your alignment, refine postures and safely perform inversions..Feeling ready to occupy vertical space doing yoga? This class is for every body to benefit from the poses of yoga. The aerial hammock is here to be your friend, your balance, your support in this yoga class. Throughout this class, you find traditional yoga poses as well as some aerial variations. The silky, sling-like hammock, which hangs and swivels from the ceiling, acts as another yoga prop. It assists you with both balance and stability, wrapping around you to hold your full body’s weight so that you feel comfortable and completely supported. Inversions anyone? The hammock also serves as your very own spotter, allowing you to experience and feel benefits from yoga poses you did not think possible.

This aerial yoga class is extremely easy on the joints and will help you to feel proper core engagement, build full body strength, deepen any stretch to increase flexibility. You will correct misalignments within the body, strengthen your yoga mat practice, and bring about feelings of relaxation and bliss as you crawl into your hammock cocoon for shavasana at the end of the practice.

You do not need to be an acrobat to defy gravity. Claim your piece of ‘vertical real estate’ in aerial yoga class with any of our AIReal Yoga™ certified instructors.

Contra-indications for aerial classes: glaucoma, heart-conditions, fused spine, pregnancy beyond doctor recommendation.
Clothing requirements: tight-fitting; no zippers or metal; under-arms covered. No jewelry, please.

Please pre-register for class at least half an hour in advance. Space is limited and setup time for the silks is necessary.
Due to technical and safety concerns, we are not able to accommodate late arrivals to Aerial classes. Please, arrive 5min early to ensure you can safely enjoy the class.


ヨガ・アライアンス認定 エアリアル・ヨガ プログラム。

垂直空間を使ってヨガをしてみませんか?このクラスでは身体全体に効果的なヨガのポーズを実践できます。空中ハンモックがあなたの友達として支え、バランス・サポートとなります。伝統的なヨガポーズをはじめ、アエリアル特有のポーズもいくつか実践。天井から吊り下げられ、回転する、シルクの三角巾のようなハンモックがヨガの支柱の1つとなります。ハンモックが身体を包み込み、身体全体の重さを支え、バランスと安定を与えます。完全にサポートされている安心感を得て、とても心地よくなるでしょう。逆さまになってみますか? ハンモックは自分だけの監視人の役目もしてくれるので、今まで可能だと思ってもいなかったヨガのポーズを実践し、違った経験、身体への恩恵も得る事ができるでしょう。

重力に抵抗するために体操選手になる必要はありません。AIReal Yoga™認定インストラクターと共にこのエアリアル・ヨガクラスで垂直空間を自分のものにしましょう!

Chris Jackson

Chris studied AiReal Yoga under the creator, Carmen Curtis. With a background in gymnastics, aerial, and yoga, Chris will guide you safely through a variety of opening, healing poses with the use of the hammock to support and deepen your practice.

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