Vinyasa Yoga to Invigorate with Kevin Ralbovsky

Mondays 9:15am

in January, 2019

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This all levels Vinyasa flow yoga class invites you to invigorate your day, calming your inner dialogue. Increase your strength, balance, and clarity as you build heat from the inside out. Practice proper posture alignment and flow through yoga sequences by connecting breath to movement. Use this vinyasa to fire up the warmth within you, stabilize your thoughts, challenge your spirit and lengthen your limbs. Find the benefits of an energized body and a deeper intent.

Kevin Ralbovsky

Kevin’s meditation practice is hand balancing! His passion and daily practice of yoga is what led him to deeper explorations into the study of handstand biomechanics. Having taught golf for almost 30 years, Kevin Ralbovsky PGA is considered Hawaii’s top golf instructor by Golf Digest Magazine and the Aloha Section PGA. Kevin has discovered that finding his vertical axis and controlling his center of gravity is crucial in both the golf swing and in handstand.

Kevin took his yoga teacher training from Kalpana Radhika in Bali and continues to work with notable yogis Daniel Rama, Justin Wolfer and Brigitte Snyder to understand advanced anatomical alignments. Kevin has privately trained with Miguel Sant’ana in his hand balance practice.


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  • By Len 27 Feb 2020

    How can I get a copy of his book “on golf”???????

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