Celebrating Magnificence: Domenica Sattler’s art at Hawai‘i Craftsmen 2018 exhibit

Get to the Honolulu Art Museum School by this Sunday, November 11th to see on exhibit the ceramic work of Still & Moving Center’s student Domenica Sattler. Her piece, called “me too!”, she says might be better entitled “me too, not alone”. The museum was so taken by the piece, they have purchased it! Three cheers, Domenica!

The figures in Domenica’s ceramic piece express how different women/people deal with sexual harassment and more severe matters. She explains that looking at each of the figures sitting there, we get a feeling of what pain has done with each of them. Each has a unique story to tell – whether minor or more painful – and yet, they are sitting together, not alone.

Dominica invites us all: “ If you have time please drop by!” And of course you can find smaller, similar figures of Dominica’s work at our Boutique-E!

Domenica says of herself: “My creations are varied – from the stillness of a classic Ikebana vase to sculptures reflecting the grace of movement and feelings. With my figures and faces, I like to describe unspoken feelings and relationship to ourselves and others.

“I was born in Switzerland and have traveled through Europe, Asia, South and North America throughout my life. I always imagined myself working with clay. Having settled with my family in Hawaii, I finally took my first sculpture class in 2005. The technique and art of ceramics have held my attention ever since. Now it is my sincere effort to combine my love of dance and the compelling beauty of Hawaii and what touches me while living my life, in each ceramic creation.”

The Hawai‘i Craftsmen 2018: 51st Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition features artists from throughout the state at the Honolulu Art Museum School, formerly known as Linekona School.

Hawai‘i Craftsmen 2018:

51st Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition

Honolulu Museum of Art School

1111 Victoria St, Honolulu, HI 96814

Exhibition hours:

Tue – Sat: 10am–4:30pm,

Sun:  1–5 pm

until Sunday, November 11th


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