Introduction to Nia with Renée Tillotson

 Thursdays, 4:30-530 or 5:45-6:45 pm (TBA)
Like to feel sure-footed and understand what you’re doing in class? Clarity lends confidence, settles the nervous system, and sets the spirit free! In this introductory class, you learn WHY and HOW we move the way we do in Nia.
Come experience the basic 52 Moves that form the building blocks of Nia’s movement patterns. Feel/sense how we fit the moves together seamlessly. You gain a step-by-step introduction to the choreography, and also enjoy really dancing to the music.
What IS Nia?!? You could think of Nia as a Joy-filled fusion of moves from dance, martial arts and healing arts, such as yoga and Feldenkrais – to fantastic music! You raise your heart-rate without impact. You have fun in smooth ways that make your joints fill good. You get stronger and more flexible. You may find your voice! Nia can feel both light-hearted and deeply moving, grounded and elevating. You always walk out of class feeling better.
Each class, we dive into one fundamental concept behind Nia’s 13 Principles, such as Natural Time, X-Ray Anatomy, FloorPlay or FreeDance. What?!? Just come and experience them. This class is perfect if you are new to Nia. Maybe Nia so fascinates you, you want to prepare for the Nia White Belt training coming up March 27-31, 2019. Maybe you’re a long-time fan of Nia: this class is a great way to review material you may have learned previously.
Come experience the clarity and Joy of moving with Nia!

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