Moving to Heal Dance with Lani Kwon

Saturdays, 12:15-1:15 pm


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Here’s a class that’s good for body, heart, mind and soul. Moving helps you to feel better. It’s as simple as that. Take the chance to move into greater health. Both of these powerful teachers have found ways to heal from injury and disease by moving mindfully through dancing. They both create safe, sacred space for their students. Each teacher’s practice complements the other’s. On each Saturday, you have the delight of doing either Sacred Healing Dance with Alina or Nia Moving to Heal with Lani. The teacher will be indicated on our online schedule.

This class occurs on the SECOND FLOOR – walking upstairs is necessary at this time. If stairs pose a problem for you, please let us know if you would attend the class if we offered it downstairs during the work week.

Nia Moving to Heal with Lani

Nia Moving to Heal is the art of feeling better, in every way. Sometimes we are human spirits dancing in a body – a body that is injured, ill, challenged or aging or simply needing extra TLC. Nia Moving to Heal aims, through movement, to give more space, grace and freedom to the human spirit.

Participants feel safe in this movement practice. In Moving to Heal class we learn to heal ourselves by listening to the voice of the body: sensation. We use own sensations to track comfort and discomfort, and to choose pleasurable, safe ways to move and self-heal in our own body’s way – not someone else’s. This class allows you to move in the gentlest way possible and increase your intensity level to fit your body’s needs.

A Nia Moving to Heal class sets itself apart from other exercise programs by its therapeutic purpose. Our movement becomes ‘medicine’ to support recovery from pain, grief, trauma and short or long term illness. We call movement medicine when it:

  • Trains the brain
  • Brings stimulation
  • Instigates healing mechanisms in our system

Reverses the aging switch that signals our cells to degenerate and instead signals them to thrive, regenerate and grow.

According to Nia’s founder Debbie Rosas, the creator of Nia Moving to Heal, “We are all birthing ourselves into something new. And that’s a powerful place to be.”


Precautions to be observed in both classes:

Contraindications: Loss or shortness of breath; confusion and dizziness; pain and discomfort.

You are expected to modify the moves to meet your own needs and/or to STOP as necessary if contraindications arise.

As with any any movement practice, please ask your doctor for permission to take the this class if you are currently being treated for a significant medical condition, such as a serious or debilitating illness, or any other condition that may be significantly compromised by body movement.

Our faculty is here to answer any questions and/or concerns to make this a safe, healing practice for you, our beloved students.

In Nia Moving to Heal and Sacred Healing Dance we affirm that we are not our illnesses or injuries – we are simply dancing with them.


Lani Kwon (Nia Moving to Heal)

Lani brings a depth of musicality and soulful love of dance to class. She brings her experience as a transformative life coach to each of her classes, workshops and motivational speaking engagement. Lani identifies with the life goal of Nia’s Co-Founder Debbie Rosas: “Healing the world, one body at a time.”

She dances with chronic pain and has healed multiple injuries to her spine, knees and neck, including whiplash due to a car accident and past work-related

 injuries. She remains active and proactive and is an inspiring, positive woman warrior in life and on the studio (and nightclub) dance floors.

Lani first began taking Nia classes in 2013 at Still & Moving Center while finishing her bookThe Creating CoPOWERment Workbook.

 Because of Nia, she was able to complete the book and maintain good health. She trained in the White Belt in January 2014 with Britta von Tagen. She earned her Nia Blue Belt with Winalee Zeeb in February 2017. She earns her Nia Green Belt in September.

In 2018, Lani has taken herself to a whole new level. She completed her 200-Hour Hatha Yoga teacher training at Still & Moving Center with Claudia Castor in January 2018, as well as MELT Method training, a technique that blends Neuromuscular and CranioSacral therapies with Rolfing and others in March 2018. She most recently completed her Moving to Heal training with Nia’s Co-Founder,

 Debbie Rosas, and she has also completed somatic awareness training with Newfield Network’s Coach training program in 2011-2012.

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