Acupuncture and Private Lessons with Lina (Jung Hyun) Kim, L.Ac.

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Lina is a 6th generation acupuncturist, with over 20 years of study and practice. She has devoted over 25 years to learning one of Korea’s oldest Daoist medicinal lineages.  She practices with a profound understanding of how the body works. Her studies include Oriental Medicine, Qigong, Iaido, and Kendo.

Lina particularly specializes in relieving lower back pain, knee pain and physical functional disorders. Lina’s acupuncture is enhanced by traditional therapeutic massage. From her in-depth study of the effects of various foods on the body and its health, Lina gives insightful dietary recommendations.

Lina received her diploma as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  She is a licensed acupuncturist in Hawaii, having practiced acupuncture in Seattle Washington before moving to Honolulu.

Students in Lina’s Stretch for Regeneration and Qigong classes experience her calm, steady purpose.  Lina majored in music and graduated at Seoul National University in Piano and Kumungo (a traditional Korean Daoist instrument), earning First Prize in the nation at the Korea’s traditional music competition in 1993.

1st Initial Exam & Treatment:  90mins/$172 
Patient follow-up treatment:  60mins/$142
Privates (Qigong, Medicinal movement, Kendo, Stretching):
1 session 60min session: $142
5 pack: $600

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