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Imagine taking measurable strides towards your life goals, starting NOW. Visualize yourself adopting a life style that meets your true needs, dropping old habits that no longer serve you. See yourself leading and loving the healthy, productive life you’ve always wanted to live.

You deserve the happier, healthier life you are imagining. Kendra Gillis has confidence in your ability to attain it. With Kendra as your Health and Wellness Coach, you are on your way!

Kendra focuses on an integrative, holistic approach. She recognizes that many important life factors – beyond good nutrition and exercise – impact our wellbeing. Social and family connections, work and home-life balance, mental and emotional health, good sleep, as well as stress management are all important elements of Kendra’s coaching toward a healthy you. And of course she helps you find the right approach to eating, moving and times of stillness.

In your one-on-one health and wellness coaching sessions with Kendra, you choose an area within your life to focus on and improve, an aim that you want to achieve. Through a variety of encouraging coaching techniques, she assists you to uncover what you need more of in your life and where you need less: finding that perfect balance for you, now. With Kendra as your motivator and personal cheerleader, you find manageable steps, at your pace, to reach your goal. She helps you to gently, firmly hold yourself accountable.

Kendra understands that we are ever-changing, that what might have worked successfully for us before needs an upgrade now. And each of us is an individual, unique unto ourselves. What works for someone else, may not be what works for you. With Kendra you discover YOUR path to satisfying life patterns and wellbeing.

1st assessment 90min: $75

1 session 60min: $60

3 session pack 60min: $150

Please call our reception desk to schedule your session. 808.397.7678

I love my personal coaching sessions with Kendra Gillis.  Whenever I feel like I can’t, she always makes me feel like I CAN.  My flexibility and range of motion have increased, and I feel very energized.  Kendra always puts me in the best frame of mind.  I feel so blessed having her guide me. – Naomi Kanai

Kendra Gillis

In Kendra’s classes and coaching sessions, you get a warm welcome, thorough, detailed instruction and proper body alignment. Kendra helps you get centered, focused and gain a positive outlook!

A yogini and a proud Nova Scotian, Kendra has completed her 500 hours of RYT yoga teacher training and an Aerial Yoga teacher training. She began her journey as an instructor of mindful movement in Panama City, Florida and has been steadily increasing and deepening her practices over her years on Oahu.

Kendra is a certified Wellness coach and just finished her Masters in Health and Wellness coaching. Kendra earned her Nia White Belt under Winalee Zeeb. Besides training in Zumba and Turbokick, Kendra has completed a Barre Fitness certification through BarreAbove.

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