Privates with Murat Demirtas: Pilates, Belly Dance or Personal Training

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1-9 sessions                                  60 min Price: $80/each

10 session pack                           60 min Price: $600

Murat knows how to make you feel comfortable, strong and beautiful in your body. If you are ready for personalized attention to enhance either your dance skills or your fitness and tone, Murat is ready to help.

To give your belly dance progress a little kickstart, Murat helps you personally find those tiny or deep muscles that give you access to the “quiver,” the “vibration.” You can work together with Murat on your belly dance basics or more advanced choreography.

From a personal training standpoint, Murat pushes you just enough to keep advancing your edge: in strength-building, toning, myofascial release, body alignment and core-stabilization. Murat employees techniques from Pilates and foam rolling, using light weights and your own body weight, and various other props for your personal conditioning.

Feel sleek, elegant and confident from your private sessions with Murat.

About Murat Demirtas:

Murat brings a “joie-de-vivre” and a remarkable sense of body awareness to his students. Based on his belief that every individual is a healer, Murat’s mission is to create an environment that guides people to evolve into their full potential.
His Turkish belly dance classes fuse dance and aerobics to enhance awareness of the individual dancer’s inner power. Murat is a well rounded teacher + artist + athlete, with a special aura, joyful vibration and spirit conveying his love of movement. His performance troupe here in Honolulu goes by the name: Turkish Wings.
His Pilates and foam-rolling classes extend to the entire class many of the the personal training techniques that he shares with individual clients.
Murat hails from a background of dance, gymnastics, pilates and aerobics. He has taught dance and various movement modalities for the Turkish educational system, professional dance companies and artists. He has performed for many big companies including the Women for Nike Tour. He has trained at the well known Michael King Pilates and with Roxy Menzies.

Murat was honored by ClassPass as the top male Instructor of all classes in Honolulu for 2018.

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