Healthy Life Tip: Eat for optimum functioning and digestion

Contributed by Sharlene Bliss

Nia and aerial teacher Shar shares dietary tips from her life experiences. Digestion isn’t easy for everyone. Being able to process our food well takes priority over many other eating considerations. Dr. Andrew Weil provides a new food pyramid for healthy eating.

  • I’ve had enough to eat when I feel 80% full – this tip came from my Aikido sensei. It’s much easier to dance, do aerial or any activity when I’m not bogged down by eating too much. I digest better and I’m also more alert.
  • Eat the vegetables first to aid in digestion and absorption – this tip came from my internist. Some people call it eating ‘light to heavy’ since vegetables are generally easier and faster to digest. Puristat says: “Think of your digestive system as a highway; if the slower vehicles are allowed to go first, the result will be a traffic jam. If the slower vehicles follow the faster vehicles you’re highway will run smoothly and efficiently.”
  • Follow an anti-Inflammatory diet – I like the anti-inflammatory diet and pyramid from Dr. Andrew Weil.

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