Movement & Lifestyle Coaching with Trevor Spring 


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Trevor’s approach to Movement & Lifestyle Coaching improves your body alignment and optimizes your physical system. Experience a sense of freedom in your body with no restrictions, supple strength.

His coaching is a mix of myofascial work with flexibility, strength and core training. He adds breathwork to optimize your health and fitness.

Working with sleep, nutrition, water, stillness, movement and self-reflection, you create a simple, holistic foundation. Reclaim your joy of living more in your body every day!

Comprehensive 1st assessment: 90min Price: $230
2 to 11 sessions                             60min    Price: $125
12 session pack                             60min  Price: $1080

Trevor Spring

”What is possible when our body is not contracted, but expanded and expressed in all of its potential?”
It is this steady stream of curiosity and 15 years of experience as a movement and lifestyle coach that inspires Trevor’s quest for rich sensory experience and a sense of grounded freedom in the body.
Trevor has a masterful ability to sense what the deep body and mind wants most and create that invitation in a poetic, powerful and accessible way.
Trevor is a CHEK Practitioner with the CHEK Institute, where he studied personally with Paul Chek; Russian kettle Bell Instructor, Movement Therapist and Men’s Embodiment Coach.
Some of his favorite modalities are Functional foot training, Animal flow, Movnat, Stability ball, Breathwork, Somatic therapy, Nature therapy and the Didgeridoo.

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