Celebrating Magnificence: Kendra Gillis

Health & Wellness Coach

Yoga, Barre and soon Aerial Yoga Instructor

Our own Kendra Gillis has been expanding her new professional and personal horizons enormously… fortunately for all of us! Kendra graduated last autumn from the Maryland University of Integrative Health with her Masters of Arts degree in Health and Wellness Coaching. Wow – a Masters! She didn’t wait long to implement her skills. She is now providing our students with brief mindful movement consultations as well as offering private wellness coaching at Still & Moving Center.

Amazingly, she has taken three teacher trainings in the last year, including Barre Above, her 500 hour level Yoga Teacher Training, and her Nia White Belt intensive. Whew! If you haven’t tried her Yoga Barre class – sign up in advance. It’s gaining popularity rapidly.

If all THAT weren’t enough, Kendra heads off at the end of this month to up her game with an Aerial Yoga teacher training in California. We look forward to her extending her already impressive teaching skills into Aerial Yoga when she returns.

As great as all these accomplishments are, the real reason we’re so pleased to celebrate Kendra’s magnificence is more personal. Over the last year, we watched Kendra lovingly brave the loneliness and disruption of her husband’s long and irregular military deployments. Later we held her close as he suddenly announced from thousands of miles away that he wanted a divorce. Kendra faced this devastating news, dealt with the emotional tidal wave it brought with it, fought to preserve her marriage, then completed the divorce cleanly. In a relatively short time, she has begun rebuilding her life on a solid foundation of increased self-awareness and personal strength.

In the eye of a hurricane of her personal life, Kendra remained surprisingly calm and intentional in righting her ship. And she’s unafraid of sharing the story of her journey with others. Such life experiences, well-processed, lend incredible insight and compassion to a professional who is coaching others through their challenges. She has much to offer her clients. We are mightily proud of our girl Kendra.

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