Self-Defense for Women: The Power of Yin with Dr. Wong Kai Ming

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Wednesdays 7-8 pm, starting May 2

This ancient practice was started by a mother using a wrist-lock to save her child from floating downstream. It uses an opponent’s force against them. It’s about how to win without fighting. Your attacker is just part of the environment that you are harmonizing with. You become the choreographer of your surroundings.

The intent is to learn how to turn your fear into confidence, not identifying with the victim mode. How to quickly end aggression so that you can escape. We use a knowledge of leverage and body mechanics to harmonize with the situation at hand.


Dr. Wong Kai Ming

In Dr. Wong Kai Ming’s words, “Seek only harmony in spirit, as there is no honor in domination or control, there is no need to fight unless we allow it emotionally or physically.” Dr. Wong encourages his students to find strength and sensitivity in body mechanics, proper thought and mindset to support the mind-body systems, and an open connection to spirit. He embraces transformation of spirit-mind-body relationships, as an enthusiastic student of the martial arts and various other Asian arts, such as Fengshui, study of the I Ching, and a Japanese form of astrology.

Dr. Wong has been teaching Yang style T’ai Chi Ch’uan over two decades and holds a masters certificate in Chin Na, under Grandmaster Kam Jun Wai who taught “win without fighting”. Inspired by Taoist and Buddhist influences, he enjoys applying martial arts concepts to daily life and his medical practice, observing the benefits of resonating energy modalities as his patients recover from surgery. When challenged, he blends Eastern and Western disciplines to bring forth truth, knowledge, and wisdom.

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