I used to hate to exercise, because I thought exercise couldn’t possibly be fun…

This place is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I recently became a monthly member, and cannot get enough!

I used to hate to exercise, because I thought exercise couldn’t possibly be fun… Then I found the Still & Moving Center. I am SO thankful for this place – where I can move my body and HAVE FUN!! Everything about this place is amazing. If you haven’t checked it out yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. This is hands down the most beautiful movement center on island, probably in all of Hawaii… probably beyond that too.

From the moment you pull up, it is pure magic. The bright turquoise and orange building on Queen Street is hard to miss, and they have free parking RIGHT in front.

Their Eco-Boutique has some of the most gorgeous, unique, eco-friendly yoga/dance clothing I’ve ever seen. They carry a line of leggings made from recycled plastic bottles! SO cool I had to get a pair.

The mango wood dance floors are out of this world! They are “sprung”, with springs underneath, they feel sooooooo good on your body to dance, jump, leap and twirl on… I have a lot of back pain and issues, but when I dance on this floor, I feel no pain.

The classes they offer are some of the most unique and fun classes I’ve ever taken. They offer almost 100 classes a week- some I’ve taken so far and LOVED are: Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, aerial yoga (a must try!), Nia (SUPER fun dancing), Tai Chi, Pilates, Tahitian, Hula (both Kahiko and Auwana styles with the beautiful Kumu Malia Helela), Feldenkrais, Ballet Barre, West African, Bellydance… and so much more… With new classes and weekend workshops being added every month, there are always new movement forms to try. I honestly haven’t taken a class I didn’t like, and the instructors are so wonderful.

Another amazing thing about this place is that although it is GORGEOUS and feels high-end with the beautiful decor, it is very down-to-earth. There is a great sense of COMMUNITY there… The Director, Renee, and staff are so warm, genuine and welcoming. This is a place where I feel comfortable. I’ve met many wonderful people there who have become my great friends, and I look forward to meeting many more! They also offer a “first class free”- an awesome offer to go check this place out. It’s truly a special place.

Jessica W.

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