Nia by Twilight with Renée Tillotson

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Thursdays, 5:45-6:45 pm.
Starts January 4th.

Focus the busy, buzzy mind with an uplifting intention. Breathe into motion with a smooth-moving warmup in the Sun & Moon Room. Engaging in a vigorous flow of dance and martial arts patterns to delightful world music, release the day’s tension load. Ascend to the rooftop to bid the sun goodbye, glorying in the sunset’s glow, the emerging stars’ light, and the lull of the busy city settling down. Slow and elongate the body’s moves in the deepening twilight. Let the poetry of our intention seep in, reminding us of our still, resonant center. Finishing class with heart opened, soul cleansed, step into a clear and restful night.

No experience necessary. All are welcome who can climb a rather steep set of stairs to the rooftop. Suggestion: socks for the roof. Class limit: 8

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