Aloha Friday Yoga Fit Flow with Justin Bolle

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Fridays 12:15-1:15 pm. 

Celebrate the end of the work week and welcome in the weekend with an invigorating Aloha Flow to upbeat music. This class helps boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass. Combining yoga postures, plyometrics, and cardio, this fitness-based yoga class will challenge your whole body by incorporating strength-training moves such as squats, lunges, and pushups. Enjoy a light-hearted, at our-own-pace, “We can do it!” group atmosphere.


Justin Bolle

Justin turned to Yoga seeking a place to go inward to find more clarity through the chatter and stresses of daily life. As a person who enjoys challenging both his body and his mind, and seeking a place of creative expression, Justin’s mat became the place for physical and mental transformation. Like the ocean’s rhythmic tune, Justin finds the mind body connection through breath and movement, and how breath creates the ebb and flow of your mind. He was immediately drawn to Power Vinyasa  for holding these properties.  When Justin isn’t on his mat, you’ll find him behind his lens, greeting the early morning rays and chasing sunsets.

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