Celebrating Magnificence: Mikelle Ivers – Niappassionata

Take Nia and add Appassionata and you get Mikelle. Beethoven’s piano sonata called Appassionata was a deeply personal musical journey into previously unchartered realms of imagination. A woman of great feeling and fervor, Mikelle has passionately pursued her practice of Nia through every Nia training offered here at Still & Moving Center since 2015: White, Green, Blue Belts and again White Belt this last week. Mikelle has also been one of the pillars of our Nia Mentorship program.

Fortunately for us, after taking her Blue Belt with Winalee Zeeb here at Still & Moving Center in February of this year, Mikelle accepted my offer to staff the reception desk full time. Mikelle left her dear family and close ones in Wyoming to take the position. If you have ever been greeted by Mikelle, you know the warmth of her welcome and depth of her regard for every individual who passes the desk.

My heart fills as I watch Mikelle develop as a Nia teacher, and especially as I observe her incisively incorporating Nia principles into her life. Through White Belt she became more aware of herself as a spiritual being inhabiting a beautiful human body. I watched her nervous system calm after Green Belt. Blue Belt brought a remarkable growth in personal relationship building for her. I look forward to the continuation of her impassioned growth through the Nia practice.

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  • By sala 09 Oct 2017

    I love this mom of mine so much so proud of her following her love for Nia!!!

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