Celebrating Business: IONAsphere Gala

Presented by: Iona Contemporary Dance Theatre Company

This year the entire Still & Moving desk staff is going to attend IONA’s Annual Gala is coming up tonight, October 7th. Now is the time to show your support for the ARTS in Hawaii and have an unforgettable evening at THE BEST fundraiser in the country. This year’s theme promises to be cosmic. 

This annual gala is quite an extraordinary experience. Enter the world of imagination, with out-of-this-world costumes, silently soulful or comically expressive dancers intermingling with attendees, performing beautiful, stylized movements. 

The gala event includes elaborate appetizers, a multi-course gourmet dining experience, and delectable desserts for your belly and your eyes.

IONA’s version of dinner theatre will thrill all of your senses! Support this amazing non-profit dance company that has been a gorgeeous gem on Hawaii’s crown for more than 26 years!

All proceeds of the event go directly to support IONA operations.

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