Celebrating Magnificence: Sooriya Kumar

Sooriya Kumar: International Peace Builder and Hawaiian Living Treasure

Love Peace Harmony Award Ceremony



Thursday, September 21, 2017 • 6:15 pm – 8 pm

Hawai‘i State Capitol Auditorium, Chamber Level


Sooriya, the copper artist who made our Still & Moving Center logo as well as the symbols of the world’s great spiritual traditions in our Sun & Moon room, is being honored again as a man of peace.

Born as a Sri Lankan Tamil to a prominent traditional Hindu family in the mostly Buddhist country of Sri Lanka, Sooriya at a young age found his country engulfed in civil war. Indeed, his peace-advocating father was assassinated when Sooriya was only 21. After doing the cremation rites for his father, Sooriya was so numb, he had to leave for the forest to live with the sadhus.

One of the holy men he met in the forest told Sooriya predictively, “Your name is the Sun, and you will be the light for so many people in your life.”  Sooriya indeed looked around and saw light everywhere around him. He also saw his life and light within himself and felt great bliss for 3 days. He then watched the holy man give away all the money he received, telling Sooriya:  “Everything will come. Everything will go,” which Sooriya took as his lifelong credo. Sooriya then began his journey of converting his own grief and anger into forgiveness and actively seeking peace in the world around him. After much global traveling, Sooriya eventually found his way to Hawaii.

Many on Oahu now know of Sooriya’s organic Mouna Farm, Art and Cultural Village in Waianae Valley. There he welcomes followers of all faiths and lost souls of every description. He teaches, feeds and serves children and adults of all walks of life, while continuing to produce his heart-filled art work.

His upcoming projects include overseeing the potential building of a peace park on Oahu, and the creation of a huge copper whale sculpture with hundreds of school children and spiritual leaders of various traditions coming together in the effort for unity.

What we do not see here is the peace-building work Sooriya continues to do on his visits to Sri Lanka, where he continues to carry on his family’s legacy. Per his mother’s request, Sooriya has taken their family’s significant land-holdings and distributed them for the people. To the Buddhists Sooriya has given land for a Buddhist temple.

He’s rebuilt his family’s Hindu temple compound, complete with a large house for anyone who comes in trouble, for prayer or meditation, or for food. Inspired by his now-deceased brother, Sooriya assists hundreds of religious pilgrims annually, providing food and medical care during their long trek. In his mission to unite disparate people, Sooriya walks in harmony with members of all religions.

In the near future, Sooriya will oversee the transference of most of his family’s land into a trust for the villagers to raise their crops. In a country still rife with old hatreds and distrust, Sooriya has gained the love and respect of Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics and Muslims alike.


  • By E.Param 05 Nov 2018

    I met sooriiya today in his farm in hawaii and he is one of the most unassuming kind soul and makes you at home in his simple home.he let us take all fruits and vegetable and fed us and the young people who lives in his farm.I want others who see all of us as the human race inspire of the differences to meet him if possible and make a contribution to his cause of bringing peace to this world.it was a privilege to meet him .I hope to meet him again in srilanka soon.

  • By Anil Wickramasinghe 13 Nov 2018

    Indeed an inspiration to all humanity. Especially as I am a Sri Lankan myself would appreciate if I could communicate with Mr Sooriyakar. ????

  • By Daisy Sterba 14 Mar 2020

    I am Tail from Delft Sri Lankapainter and writer and my husband is from Prague Czech Republic Opera and concert singer leading tenor, you can see him in www, pragostarconcert.com . We are coming to Hawaii , could you please send me your email address. Thanks Daisy Sterba

  • By Daisy Sterba 14 Mar 2020

    Dear Sooriya kumar I am Tamil from Delft Sri Lanka a painter and a writer my husband is from Czech Republic opera and concert singer you can see him in www. pragostarconcert.com he is leading tenor. we are coiming to HawaiiCould you please send me your email addressThanks Daisy

    • By Marta 16 Mar 2020

      Hi, Please contact mr. Kumar directly. Mahalo!

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