As a result of dancing Nia, I have: emerged more fully from tragedy to Joy.

I basically spent 2 years in fetal position on my bedroom floor, I had been hit by such a tragedy in my personal life.

Once I finally emerged and began my life again, I eventually attended a family wedding. I had forgotten that long ago I had loved to dance. I felt SO GOOD dancing at the wedding, I knew I needed to put dance back into my life. I had also done yoga a few years before and wanted to do it again.

So Dance and yoga were in my head as I drove to the airport for a trip to visit my friend, Sue, in California. I stopped at a shop in airport and picked up a magazine. As I flipped through it on plane, the words “dance” and “yoga” jumped out. It was an article about Nia. Nia?!?

When I got to Sue’s house, I googled Nia to see whether there was a class in my town of Palmer, Alaska. No. Wasilla? No. Anchorage? No. I made an immediate decision to go for a Nia training in Portland so I could start my own Nia class. Eight months later, I attended White Belt having no prior Nia experience.

As a result of dancing Nia, I have: emerged more fully from tragedy to Joy. As it turns out, the first principle of Nia is The Joy of Movement.

I’ve learned to be awake and aware in my body, and that my body loves any kind of physical activity (especially dance!) and that it loves, loves, being barefoot – which we are in Nia.

As suggested by young woman working in StudioNia boutique in Portland, I’m wearing one size smaller in Nia Wear than I normally would have chosen! I’ve evidently become more comfortable in my body.

My Green Belt and Blue Belt Nia trainer Winalee Zeeb taught me playfulness in Nia.

A recent 5-wk Ecstatic Dance workshop showed me how I draw from my Nia experiences to be playful and free, while dancing my body in a variety of ways. I couldn’t help but notice that many other dancers at the workshop moved in the same way all the time. With Nia, we have lots of variety to choose from: moves from the dance arts, martial arts and yoga are all rolled into our practice.

I continue to grow more comfortable in my instructor role. With very few Nia teachers in Alaska, I appreciate my Nia sisters from around the world whom I’ve stayed closely connected with since my White, Green and Blue Belt trainings. Nia keeps bringing me Joy.


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