Stress Management Movement Meditation with Dr. Sun Ock Lee

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Mondays 3 – 4 pm  – starting Aug 28

Fridays 3 – 4 pm  – starting Sept 1

The purpose of Stress Management Movement Meditation is to enhance everyday life through awareness of the equilibrium of a healthy mind and body, via healing movement. The techniques are designed to reduce stress-bound ki energy and allow it to flow through the whole body.

What is Stress Management Meditation?

  • Unraveling stress in the mind through body movements.
  • Having the mind concentrate on each movement holistically.
  • Coordinating thought and breathing to become one as movement is created.
  • Recognizing that muscles and nerves are controlled by the mind while you are moving.
  • Seeking the source of movement creation, the mind which cannot be seen, known or touched.
  • Exploring the question, “What am I?” in the unsolvable quest that is Yimoko meditation. Yimoko is the embodiment of movement united with breath, sound and thought.
  • Exploring the movement with breathing, Yimoko and mudra (hand movement) that is defined as Mudra meditation.
  • Releasing worry and stress, nerves and muscles through movement meditation.
  • Expressing inner feelings through improvised movement.
  • Transforming anger, sadness, excitement, distress, etc. into equilibrium.

This Stress Management technique can improve body posture, increase flexibility of body movement, strengthen abdominal and sphincter muscles, and alleviate incontinence. It helps the mind-body balance, relieving stress-induced problems, such as insomnia, weak stomach, diabetes, high blood pressure and computer syndrome.

The movement practice can benefit one’s physique and diet. Concentrating the mind on the  breathing can bring peace of mind and contentment with life.

Dr. Sun Ock Lee

Sun Ock Lee is both a practitioner of Zen meditation from Korea and a world-renowned dancer, choreographer, teacher. Her life’s work, Zen Dance, is a fusion of both worlds: meditation and movement.

Beyond creating mindful dance art, Sun – or “Sunny” – is dedicated reducing human suffering in the world. Her vocal meditation continually poses the question, “What is the true self?” Every aspect of her meditative movement technique is designed to provide mental, emotional and physical freedom from the stress and anxiety of the complex world we live in.

Traveling the globe, working everywhere from India to New York, from Europe to Singapore and Australia, sharing her dance and insight, Sun has received numerous honors and awards from artistic, scholarly and medical corners.

A huge presence in a tiny body, she is as powerful as she can be ethereal. A review of one of her performances in New York, where she taught and danced for years, included this description: “Time stood still, and every step and gesture seemed to emerge from eternity.” And from another review of her dance, Sun Ock Lee was “poised… between body and spirit.”

Prolific in sharing the wisdom she has garnered over her lifetime, Sun is the author of a number of books on, including Zen Quest: Enlightenment in Dance and Zen Dance – Meditation in Movement.  Dr. Lee is the Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific Performing Arts Network (under UNESCO).


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