Joyce Naka’uchi – Unstoppable Bionic Student

Our already-remarkable student Joyce has made a new achievement: taking yoga class 3 weeks after hip replacement surgery! Here she is on the very day of surgery, wielding one of her crutches as a martial arts implement!

Joyce has paid 1254 visits to Still & Moving Center in less than three years. I believe she has tried every category of class that we have to offer, from belly dance to foam roller fitness to martial arts to Nia and even aerial! And she does it all with a full time job.

Here’s Joyce’s word on her time with us:  “Haha! I’m lucky to have a wonderful place that I can go to with wonderful teachers and meeting new friends.”

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  • By Laurie 07 Jul 2017

    Wow Joyce! You are an amazing woman! Your dedication is inspiring!

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