Magnificent Business: Climb Aloha

By Renée Tillotson

“Strive to reach the highest,” by Queen Kapi’olani, is the motto of Climb Aloha

Climb Aloha, local climbing shop now located just around the corner from Still & Moving Center, has been operating on Oahu since 1999. Its founder Mike Richardson, affectionately referred to as “Bugman”, is a local climber and activist. He gave the name Climb Aloha to the business with the hope of conveying his care for the rock faces and for the climbing community.

His business voluntarily helps to keep climbers on Oahu safe by retro-bolting climbing routes with titanium bolts, the only safe, lasting protection in Hawaii’s humid climate. A significant portion of Climb Aloha’s profits goes to buying new titanium bolts and physically replacing the old anchors.

Mike also puts an enormous amount of work into keeping public land accessible to climbers in Hawaii. After two and a half years of lobbying and working with legislators, Climb Aloha was able to get public access back to areas on Oahu that had been closed.

Climb Aloha carries backpacking and climbing gear as well as rope access and Aerial rigging materials.  When you shop at Climb Aloha, you are giving right back to your local community.

515 Ward Ave, Honolulu, HI 96814


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