Healthy Life Tip: Say grace before meals

Saying grace reminds us to feed our soul before our body, appreciating what truly nourishes us. Whether it’s a word of thanks to nature, a little song of gratitude, an inspirational reading or a heartfelt prayer, saying grace gives us time to slow down the nervous system and call to heart-mind an affirmative thought or wish. It’s the pause that counts. Even if we’re alone, consciously sending back appreciation for all the beings that have made our meal possible, we shift from a grabbing, gobbling, gripey mode to an open, receiving stance. Grace sets the tone for mealtime thought or conversation as well.

From a physical health standpoint, this mental-emotional shift sets up an entirely different chemical/hormonal matrix in the body. We are set to take more time to chew and swallow, we are mindful of each precious bite, and we are more likely to sense when we are full than when we carelessly rush to shove food into our mouths. Our digestive system is primed to handle what it’s about to receive, and our whole body can more harmoniously assimilate our food with a keynote of grace.

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