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Message from Willow Chang 

Saturday, June 27th

Aloha Dancers, Nia movers and Groovers! I want to share an awesome opportunity to be a part of a unique, once in a lifetime event! Read on, and if you’re intrigued, please contact me by Tuesday, March 31st!

International Lions Convention will be held in Honolulu this June. The festivities will include, but not be limited to parties, events, soirees, meetings and a massive parade on June 27th to march down Kalakaua Avenue. 25-30,000 attendees from around the world are expected!

I have been contacted through event planner Mira Savara, to put together 4 dance teams of 10, each to represent a different region of India – reflected in dance, song and costumes, for the parade, Saturday June 27th, 9am – noon, and later that same night, the same dance at the Ballroom.

I will personally put together the simple choreographies.

Each participant will:

  • learn and practice a dance with me and the team
  • dance in the parade
  • wear a custom costume from India
  • be granted a small stipend for performing

We’ll also have a green room, food, water and possibly validation for parking (working on it!)

I’d love to have 10 (or more) dancers and Nia movers from Still & Moving Center join our great team! The collective love of music, dance and movement, paired with positive energy, is a perfect fit! You’ll be joining my Still & Moving Center Bollywood and Punahou dancers to create our complete team!

Rehearsals will start mid-April, and we’ll have the option to video the dance so self-practice can be employed. I definitely need a COMMITMENT and need to MEASURE the dancers so the outfits can be made in India by deadline!

Please spread the word and get back to me by March 31st. Then, we can plan a sample class and get measurements etc. Its’s:

Mahalo and Namaste! This WILL be fun! Learn something new! Make new friends! Blow up your Instagram account!



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