Thai Yoga Massage Training 2015 with Drew Hume, Navina

with Drew Hume, Navina Thai Yoga Therapy

Intro to Thai Massage: May 16 @3:30 – 6:30 pm

Module 1 August 7 – 9

Module 2 August 10 – 12

Module 3 November 7 – 9

Advanced Module November 20 – 22 

drewthai5Thai yoga massage is a mind-body-spirit practice that has roots in the ancient understanding of Ayurveda. Thai massage incorporates many different soft tissue manipulation techniques (massage, fascial release, chopping, and many more) with assisted stretches and meditation in order to achieve a deep state of relaxation. This modality of touch emphasizes that each physical body is different and has different needs, meaning that no two massages are ever exactly the same. Treatments are generally performed on the floor on padded mats, with receivers fully clothed and without the use of oils. Intuition is a guiding force in our massage sessions, as is a thorough understanding of the human body. Through meditation we are able to tune into our intuition and allow the massage to come from a place of Metta (compassion).

Check out Drew’s demo VIDEO

Each one of our core modules is run over 3 consecutive days for a total of 8 hours each day (9-5). These classes place a lot of emphasis on getting in and practicing the techniques directly so that you immediately start getting hands-on experience. Module 1 sets a solid foundation in the practice of high quality touch. We do this by combining some anatomy with positive intention and our physical practice. When exchanging massages in class you are receiving in-depth feedback from your classmates and the teacher as well as gaining a new understanding of the postures when you receive the massage. This first course will provide you with a sound 45-minute flow that focuses on the most common areas of tension, namely the shoulders, neck and back.

In Module 2 we revisit and enhance our understanding of content from the first module. We then delve deeper into the concepts of quality touch and extend our massage sequence to explore more of the body. By adding in more postures to include the arms, legs, hands and feet, we will end up with a 2-hr massage sequence. In the 3rd Module, we consolidate and extend our practice from the first 2 courses to produce a well-rounded and more complete massage flow. After this course you will be able to give a fluid 2.5-hr massage, providing a total mind-body experience. We also explore some useful ways to customize the massage to make sure you’re comfortable with both longer and shorter length treatments and to best suit the needs of your client.

After Module 3 and some home practice you will be eligible for Principal Certification.

Investment: – $495 per module (early bird by July 1) – $535 regular – Module 1-3 package: $1405 regular, $1285 early bird by July 1. Prices do not include any applicable taxes. Course fees DO include all training manuals.

drew humeABOUT DREW HUME: A people-hugger and nature-lover, Drew has warmth and an energy that many people can connect with. A passion for the human body has led him through University studies in human biology and directed him into the world of Thai yoga massage. The holistic approach of Thai massage resonates strongly with Drew, as every treatment encompasses the entire body, both the physical and subtle.

Drew firmly believes that compassionate touch is an essential component of good health and wellbeing. Thai massage can provide a deep sense of connection to others, to self and to the world at large. With his experience and knowledge of the human body from both the western and the eastern perspectives, Drew considers it a great gift to be able to share this sacred practice with you.

Building positive relationships through compassionate touch, Drew travels all over to bring you his unique and practical blend of western physiology and intuitive practice.

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