A Gathering Space of Amazing Souls, Talents, Minds, and Hearts

Looking back over the past very busy week, I can see I was so fortunate to be included in some extraordinary events at your Center. The Tai Ji Meets Hula workshop with Chungliang ‘Al’ Huang and Malia Helela was beyond expectation! Roger Epstein did a superb job as MC. I thoroughly enjoyed that workshop and learned so much, and it has deepened my appreciation for both art forms (both of which I have studied for a number of years). The similarities lie so deep – the movements are born out of the same womb of the infinite, defined by each heart and translated into individual expression. It was a thrill to watch Malia and Al blending their movements, yet each respecting the inherently unique art of the other. Malia was a heavenly vision of fluid beauty as she danced and sang. I thought I appreciated hula a lot, but I found improvement just by watching Al as he was watching Malia in her hula. He was sitting next to me, and it seemed impossible for Al to sit still for even a second – Malia’s every movement was echoed in him, even as he was seated on the chair. He could not keep still! His appreciation of hula and Malia was total and absolute. I learned so much just from watching Al watching Malia! Then we all got a chance to join these masters and do some free form dancing all together. It was a totally amazing evening…

A few days later I had the blessing of joining the Valentine’s/B-day party for Mrs. Jean Erdman Campbell. That was wonderful fun, and I saw so many wonderful people I had met at other places, all converged on that special night. Mrs. Campbell danced for almost 2 hours without a break, and at 98, she must hold some kind of world record. I told her I hope I can be like her when I am in my 70s, to say nothing of my 90s! What a woman!

Thank you again for providing such a beautiful space to gather together all these amazing souls, talents, minds, and hearts. I am deeply appreciative.

Hillery H.

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