The Blessings of a Nia Brown Belt

I found myself on a plane to Honolulu in December 2013 to take my Nia Brown Belt with Debbie Rosas, Winalee Zeeb, and Caroline Kohles. I’ll admit that I was feeling somewhat dubious about going. I was even contemplating quitting Nia.

When I arrived at the amazing Still & Moving Center on the first day of training, I was hopeful and yet a little guarded. I had never met Debbie Rosas (the founder of Nia), and I wondered if my three teachers could help me restore my connection to Nia.

As the training unfolded, I began to unfold as well. Looking around while listening to others share their experiences, I realized THESE ARE MY PEOPLE. This is my tribe. Besides my own powerful realizations, I was honored to be a part of my fellow participants’ journeys.

The blessings of my Brown Belt are far too many to count, but are cherished and remembered. And honored in the best way I know how, which is to live them every day of my life.

S.S., Nia Brown Belt

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