Free Your Spirit With Nia

Before I came to Nia I was very stiff. I had played tennis and went swimming but had never danced. When I tried a ballroom dance class, I couldn’t keep up, so I dropped out. Then I came to Nia with Renee. It freed my spirit. I didn’t have to do it like everyone else. I felt liberated. I’ve been doing Nia for a couple of years now. My body feels looser. And I can follow the steps better in class, in my own way. I am 66 years old. Because of Nia, the spirit feels free in the body. That’s the best part of Nia.
Theresa Y.

Sometimes, life can feel flat and dull. The opportunity to taste all different kinds of classes and stillness makes my life so much more flavorful. I’ve been coming here for two months and I’ve taken 49 classes so far, from Aloha Friday Hula to Aerial Conditioning to West African Dance to Athletic Nia.

I love being around the women at Still & Moving who set an example for me. They have showed me what kind of woman I’d like to become. Being here has given me a lot of strength. I feel more empowered. In the past, I’ve always felt like I’m still figuring it all out. I’ve been coming into my own more and understanding more what works for me in my life. And, I’ve found the strength to leave what I don’t want in my life. I have changed my relationships.

Bianca Ruffio

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