Enormous Positive Energy That Stays With You

I like your services, because there is something for everybody! I like Tai Chi for Better Balance and Feldenkrais, but there have been other services I have tried to see if I would like them. One service you provide is not something you can sign up for and you do not even have to do anything to get it. The service I am talking about is the enormous positive energy level that emanates from the center. This energy stays with you when you leave and makes you feel fantastic and wanting to return as soon as possible! I think every person that comes through the front door gets filled with positive energy!

I think all the special events you have is a great service you provide. You are always looking for new ideas, having movie nights, guest artist, guest instructors, getting the word out about events in the community and so much more. Things are always moving there. Yet you can come and be meditative and still your mind. The name Still & Moving is absolutely the right name. Your services have really helped me to relax and heal and control my chronic pain.


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