My Life Has Been Enriched By Still & Moving Center and So Can Yours

Love yoga? Want to expand and challenge your yoga experience with something new? Yoga yourself into a drop-in Aerial Yoga class at the Still & Moving Center with Wendi. Aerial yoga helps deepen the stretch, balance, and core strength in traditional yoga poses with the use of reinforced silk hammocks that are suspended from the ceiling.

The Still & Moving Center, while only being opened for a short time, has made a great impression on me. I started going to the Center when my wife was told about it by a yoga instructor at a different studio. I took a free first time session of Tai Chi for Better Balance and I have been hooked on it ever since. The Tai Chi for Better Balance is a CDC-approved fall prevention class designed for people with balance and falling issues (to my Veteran brothers and sisters, you can’t go wrong!). The instructor Jerry has changed my world. I am a disabled Veteran who has had seven knee surgeries and several other disabilities! This class has helped me regain my confidence in walking and has helped me relax my muscles like never before. Jerry is a fantastic instructor who truly cares about his students. I can not put in words what this class means to me, the words above seem so inadequate!

I also have taken another class offered at Still & Moving Center called Feldenkrais. This class takes you within yourself to rediscover your body. You learn that life, medical issues, your environment have changed you in ways you do not understand. When I started I found out that all my surgeries and neurological issues have caused my body to forget how to properly move, breath and feel! In my first class I started moving parts of my body that I hadn’t been able move for years. Eve, the instructor is a miracle worker! She always makes sure you are doing the moves slowly and properly. Small movements makes amazing changes in your body. Again I can not really put into words what Feldenkrais has done for me! If you knew me before, you would be shocked at what I can do now.

The Still & Moving Center has many many other classes and I have heard only good things about them.
The staff are very helpful and make sure your experiences are always positive. My life has been so enriched by the Still & Moving Center and so can yours!
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, I hope you enjoy going there and may God and the universe watch over you!

Lonnie Hicks

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